World Wetlands Day

Today is World Wetlands Day. Wetland studies are very often deal with salinity. Below  are several facts on wetland and salinity research which can be easily extracted from the Web of Knowledge.

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Salt lake research weekly: January 23-27

The previous week was not very productive in salt lake research papers. Just few of them were indexed by the Web of Knowledge. Nevertheless I selected the favorite paper of the week.

This is almost classical aquatic ecology research on the effect of fish on the food web. The effect of fish on pelagic plankton communities in deep water bodies is well studied and the concept of trophic cascade is the basis for not always successful but assumed to be operative biomanipulation.

What is considered to be evident for deep aquatic habitats and pelagic communities may not valid for shallow waters. Macrophytes increase habitat complexity in shallow waters and act as a refuge for zooplankton and benthic invertebrates which mitigates the effect of fish predation.

However such simple logic is not always works. Fish also can be small and use macrophytes as refuge to escape interactions with larger fish. At the same time small fish living within vegetation will be involved in prey–predator encounters with invertebrates.

Spanish scientists decided to test the effects of small fish on aquatic invertebrates in shallow aquatic ecosystem. They performed a field experiment with mesocosms in a Mediterranean salt marsh, using Aphanius iberus as the small fish species and Ruppia cirrhosa as the dominant macrophyte.

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Salt lake research weekly: 20_01_2012

I will try to follow here the most interesting papers on salt lake research. The simplest way is to make weekly check of papers on Web of Knowledge.

Out of eight papers indexed this week I will select the paper on the stratified lagoon. Actually the lagoon is meromictic lake – the lake which never or rarely mixed due to salinity gradient.

meromictic lagoon

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Year 2011: The best salt lake research papers

The Top 5 papers
(The selection is personal and subjective. First I selected papers (ca. 20) published in journals with the highest impact factors. After I selected five papers based on my preferences.)
1. Oren Aharon Thermodynamic limits to microbial life at high salt concentrations ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY 13 (8): 1908-1923
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Year 2011: Salt lake research in papers

The end of the year is a good time to make short-lists of everything. Let us have a look on papers published this year on salt lakes.

Database: Web of Knowledge
Topic = (salt lake or saline lake)
Timespan = Year 2011
Results: 341

The approach is not ideal. I guess that about 10-15% of papers will be out of salt lake research scope. Most probably some papers will be missed. But the majority of papers on salt lakes research should be covered.

The Top 5 of everything

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