Year 2011: The best salt lake research papers

The Top 5 papers
(The selection is personal and subjective. First I selected papers (ca. 20) published in journals with the highest impact factors. After I selected five papers based on my preferences.)
1. Oren Aharon Thermodynamic limits to microbial life at high salt concentrations ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY 13 (8): 1908-1923
2. Sime-Ngando Telesphore; Lucas Soizick; Robin Agnes; et al. Diversity of virus-host systems in hypersaline Lake Retba, Senegal ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY 13 (8): 1956-1972
3. Wissel Bjoern; Cooper Ryan N.; Leavitt Peter R.; et al. Hierarchical regulation of pelagic invertebrates in lakes of the northern Great Plains: a novel model for interdecadal effects of future climate change on lakes GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY 17 (1): 172-185
4. Montero-Pau Javier; Ramos-Rodriguez Eloisa; Serra Manuel; et al. Long-Term Coexistence of Rotifer Cryptic Species PLOS ONE 6 (6): Article Number: e21530
5. El-Sebaii A. A.; Ramadan M. R. I.; Aboul-Enein S.; et al. History of the solar ponds: A review study RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS 15 (6): 3319-3325
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